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Our team


Eiríkur Steingrímsson

Co-founder, Chair of board

Eiríkur has extensive experience in gene transcription with a specific focus on gene regulation in melanoma. He is a Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Iceland. Eiríkur completed a doctorate from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and postdoctoral training at NIH, Maryland. He is one of the founders of Akthelia Therapeutics and has served on various boards and review panels.


Margrét Helga Ögmundsdóttir

Co-founder, board member, CEO

Margrét has investigated the process of autophagy in development and disease with a particular focus on cancer. Margrét completed a doctorate from Oxford University and is a Professor of Cell Biology at the University of Iceland. In addition to running a laboratory she has served on various boards and been active in policy making at institutional and governmental level.


Steingrímur Stefánsson

Co-founder, board member, CTO

Steingrímur (Stenni) is a protein chemist with a doctorate from Medical College of Virginia (VCU) and postdoctoral training from SUNY Stony Brook, New York. Stenni has worked for various institutes and corporations in the US for over 30 years where he honed his skills in protein purification and assay development.


Valerie Helene Maier

Board member

Valerie joined the board in 2022. She has a doctorate in cell biology and extensive experience in different molecular biology areas and techniques. Valerie is German having lived in Iceland for many years and sits on the board of several organisations, including a german family company. She has for the last years invested in different start-up companies, including in the health and pharma sector.


Laura Lorenzo-Soler

Senior Scientist

Laura completed her doctorate in drug delivery following topical administration from the University of Iceland. She has previously participated in projects involving genetic engineering and enzymatic activity and has experience in the research and development of vaccines.


Clara Valls Ferré

Research Scientist

Clara holds an MS degree in molecular and life sciences from the University of Iceland. She has experience in various biochemical techniques in diverse cell models.

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